Konstantin Krimmel, bariton; Hélène Grimaud, piano

These Songs were recorded at Turbinenhalle Stienitzsee in August 2022. A representative of „Kiev’s Avantgarde“, Valentin Silvestrov was initially a construction engineer and visited music school at night. He then studied composition with Boris Ljatoschinski and Lew Rewuzki.

In 2022, he came to Berlin from Kiev.

Op. 32 by Brahms was composed in 1864. All songs express some kind of conflict between lovers. „So stehn wir, ich und meine Weide“ is really my favourite.

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Lab concert, feat. a song by Mikis Theodorakis, ADAF Greece online 2022

In our laboratory, Stock and I are using our newly built MIDI-controllers pendulum and crank for the first time. The piece is a vivisection of Mikis Theodorakis‘ song „Tin porta anigo to vradi“, from Ta Lyrica, lyrics by Tassos Livaditis.

Since the basic idea of cranking a MIDI-Sequence is derived from the functionality of a music box, the original music box needs its place in the lab as well. And since the „triplet“, an instrument initially used in a theatre show in 2015, is still working, this punchcard dj instrument appears likewise.

Thank you Philipp for your lovely camera work.


Maria Baptist Big Band, 4.3.2022 im Schlot, Berlin

This is a concert recording from Kunsthaus Schlot, Berlin.

It is a production realised with a very small team.


Flight from Sirius to Tegel C by Kalle Kalima,

KALLE KALIMA’s album LIVE ON PLANET BERLIN is out. Kalle is one of the 3 nominees for German Jazz Prize 2022. We did this rbbKultur record at the legendary AUFSTURZ, featuring Oliver Potratz on bass and Oliver Steidle on drums – just shortly before the pandemic came to Berlin. The album is a wild safari to the outskirts of planet earth. It is published on enja & yellowbird records.


cover design by Niklaus Troxler

The album TRANSFORMATIONS AND FURTHER PASSAGES features Jazz repertoire from the 1950s and ‘60s written by Albert Mangelsdorff, Joki Freund, Karl Berger, Klaus Lenz and Rolf Kühn, uniquely interpreted by masters of the clarinet Gebhard Ullmann, Jürgen Kupke and Michael Thieke.

Review by Lynn Bayley

The rbb recording from Großer Sendesaal was produced by Ulf Drechsel and supervised by Caroline Siegers.

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Bayreuther Festspiele 2021, Richard Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer

theatrical director: Dmitri Tcherniakov

video director: Andy Sommer

montage: Caroline Siegers

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In der Hamburger Staatsoper steht Benjamin Bernheim (re.) als Hoffmann auf der Bühne und hat mit seinem Rollendebüt Begeisterungsstürme ausgelöst. – Bild: [FOTO] /​ © Monika Rittershaus /​ © Monika Rittershaus
Benjamin Bernheim and others, © Monika Rittershaus

The story is made from a bunch of autobiographical sketches by Hoffmann who is the hero of this night.

A production by Hamburger Staatsoper

directed by Henning Kasten

recording engineer: Peter Hecker

audio producer: Caroline Siegers


A love declaration to art, feat. Bruno Monsaingeon, Alexej Shadrin and others.

directed by Ivan Moshchuk

sound design: Caroline Siegers

Paris Cinema Award for best sound design

Tokio Short Film Festival: best first time filmmaker

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